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Directors and Management Participate in TFL's Constructors Cycle Experience

Over the summer, Danny Sullivan Group Managing Director, Tim O’Sullivan and Operations Manager, Kieran O’Driscoll, were invited to participate in TFL’s Constructors Cycle Experience, organised by Michael Barratt MBE. Tim and Kieran were provided with Santander bikes, used by many for commuting purposes, to experience what it is like to cycle around the busy streets of the capital. They were joined by other members of the construction industry as they navigated the cycle lanes and made their precarious journey past congested building sites. The ideology behind the cycle is to give construction bosses the experience of what it is like for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate around lorries, diversions and site entrances that are facilitating the capitals busy construction developments. Once the group had completed their cycle route, they were invited to a presentation by Michael to advise them on the improvements that their sites can adopt to make London a safer, happier, healthier and attractive place to work and live.

Tim O’Sullivan, Danny Sullivan Group MD, had this to say; “As a keen cyclist, I know first-hand of the enormous benefits of cycling to not only the mind and body, but also our environment and I am truly delighted to support this excellent initiative. This campaign, which has been developed by TfL’s Michael Barratt, touches on the critical aspects of safety, well-being and awareness, and it will be a very important educational tool for members of the construction industry. We in the construction industry must always go above and beyond in our work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people of London. I highly recommend that my peers participate in the cycle experience and take on board the advice proffered by Michael – make sure you wear comfortable trousers!”


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