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Danny Sullivan Group Supports the Construction of Primary Schools in the Domasi region of Malawi

The Matandani Project was established in 2012 by an Irish primary-school teacher, Andy Monaghan. We were recently approached by a close family friend to help support the construction of new school buildings in Malawi. It is amazing how a small donation can vastly improve the facilities at this rural school. For as little as a donation of €500, the school is now connected to the main electricity grid for the area. As a result, the children can now be taught through interactive videos and music and the teachers can have a fridge and kettle in their staff room. In 2017, the project plans to complete construction on a new block which will house two additional classrooms and a multipurpose room. If you are interested in making a donation, please visit the projects website here: http://www.matandani.com/

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